pyChan: Go-style channels for Python

Release v0.2.

pyChan implements Go’s chan type in Python, making concurrent programming in Python simple.

Install using pip install chan

Source code at

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You can use Chan.put() to place items onto a Chan, and Chan.get() to receive them:

c = Chan()

# Thread 1

# Thread 2
print "Heard: %s" % c.get()

Channels can be closed (usually by the sender). Iterating over a channel gives all values until the channel is closed

c = Chan()

# Thread 1

# Thread 2
for thing in c:
    print "Heard:", thing

You can wait on multiple channels using chanselect(). Pass it a list of input channels and another of output channels, and it will return when any of the channels is ready

def fan_in(outchan, input1, input2):
    while True:
        chan, value = chanselect([input1, input2], [])
        if chan == input1:
            outchan.put("From 1: " + str(value))
            outchan.put("From 2 " + str(value))

You can see more examples in the “examples” directory.


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